Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

The instruments are clear and easy to read, although some buttons are randomly scattered which takes a bit of getting used to as does the aircraft throttle-shaped handbrake. The Megane uses a card rather than a key and is available with keyless entry and ignition - you keep the key in your pocket and the car senses your approach, unlocking when you touch the door handle.

A push button starts and stops the engine. The rear view mirrors are all quite small, but they provide adequate coverage of the view behind. In 2006 Renault tweaked the automatic lights and wipers so that the lights aren't so eager to come on and the wipers are more sensitive to rain.

It rides well and those in the front should find it spacious and comfortable. Space in the rear is limited by the need to hide the roof, which eats into leg room and shoulder space. There may also be some wind noise at motorway speeds from poor window sealing. A wind break can be fitted behind the front seats to make high speed cruising with the top down more comfortable, but it covers the back seats making them useless for passengers.

The cabin is very light and airy thanks to its glass roof, and a sun blind can be pulled into place if shade is needed.