Renault Megane Coupe: goodbye to the French coupe

Time to say au revoir


When my Renault Megane long-termer turned up I was intrigued to see if the build quality and reliability would be as good as the French maker claimed. I can safely say that the car passed all the rigourous tests that I put it through and now it is time to say au revoir. 


Good points

The fuel economy has been good, I've been getting 540 miles on a full tank, that means I'm averaging 46.5mpg - 9mpg off the manufacturers claimed figures. Real world figures are always less than claimed mpg but 9mpg off the claimed total is not too shoddy.

Even though the three-door coupe has been around for a little while, it has retained its head-turning ability. It may not have the angular rear that made the previous generation one of the most talked about cars in its class, however, it does have a svelte figure making the car look sporty and elegant.

The Mechanicals, including the engine and the gearbox performed brilliantly and they seem just as good as when the car arrived on the Parker's fleet.

Bad points

The controls for the radio are fiddly and no matter how much time I spend in the car - they are an irksome feature.

Loading and unloading golf clubs poses a problem when the seats are in position. The boot space was average at 344-litres but the small aperture means that I have to remove the 'woods' from my golf bag to fit my clubs in to the boot.

The Megane has been a good companion while on test. Obviously it came with a few minor niggles but on the whole it performed well and proved to be up to the job.

Current mileage: 21,211

Average mpg: 46.5