Renault Megane Coupe: Leaving the woods behind

All roads lead to service

Over the past few weeks the Megane has been performing admirably. It has been on tour, taking in the sights of northern England, Northern Ireland and Goodwood in southern England.

On the trip to Northern Ireland the Renault was a pleasant companion as it is comfortable on the motorway and it fares well on single track lanes.

However, when on board the Stena HSS ferry (vital to cross the Irish sea), the turning circle in the Megane proved to be a little disappointing as we had to take a wide cut to get the coupe into position on the ferry for the crossing.

Once we had arrived at our destination, it was a quick turn-around. The car was loaded with home furnishings and clothes and we were soon on our way again. With the seats folded the Megane has quite a good load space ( 991-litres).

Unfortunately, try using the boot with the seats in place (344-litres) on a daily basis to load and unload golf clubs and the smiles turn to frowns. The problem is the shape of the boot aperture. It is quite a small space and this means if you try to load and unload an average sized golf bag filled with clubs - you will fail.

When packing the car after a round of golf or a visit to the driving range, the 'woods' need to be taken out of the bag so that all your sporting equipment will fit into the boot, a tad frustrating to say the least.

On the upside, the Megane is still averaging 46.5mpg and has now reached 18,017 on the odometer. With the miles creeping up, the service light has just appeared and all roads now point to our local Renault dealer for its annual service.

Current mileage: 18,017

Average mpg: 46.5mpg