Renault Megane Coupe: distance driving

Motorway Cruiser

The Megane Coupe is designed as a sporty car - but one of its best features is its ability to cruise up and down the motorway with great ease. Get the Coupe up to the national speed limit, switch the cruise control on and the journey becomes effortless. I recently ventured from Parker's HQ in Peterborough to Aberdeen via Glasgow. The Megane proved to be a good companion as it averaged 46.6mpg on the round trip, this meant only two stops to refuel.

Filling-up with fuel is rare but when you do pull-in, the Megane Coupe still turns heads with its good looks and rakish lines. The three-door is one of the best looking cars around and with good economy its makes financial sense too.

However, part of my daily commute takes in quite a lot of country lanes that feature lots of undulating surfaces - this is where the Megane disappoints. The Coupe feels too stiff to be comfortable in this environment and it fidgets and crashes over potholes and bumps, even at sedate speeds.

I love the Megane Coupe for its good behaviour on the motorway but surely it could do better when it comes to dealing with the more chasllenging country roads of the UK.

Current mileage: 19,881

Average mpg: 46.6