Renault Megane Coupe: Good looking

Good looks with diesel power


The previous Renault Megane may not have been the best hatchback around, but it certainly had a unique style, especially the rear with its angular tailgate. So the 2008 Megane seems a little tame in comparison, with a more generic shape.

But then in 2009 Renault launched the striking Megane Coupe - and it's one of the best-looking hatchbacks around. This is really a three-door version of the normal Megane. It's identical in length and is pretty much the same from the front.

But it has a lower roofline, which combined with the distinctive rear end design, gives it a sporty and coupe-like profile. It is certainly different enough to deserve the coupe name, but Renault isn't alone in this tactic. Vauxhall's three-door Astra is known as the Sport Hatch while SEAT calls its three-door Ibiza the Sport Coupe (or SC for short).

There are three main trim levels in the line-up - Expression, Dynamique and Privilege. There is also the i-Music special edition, but we've opted for the mid-level Dynamique TomTom, which comes well equipped as standard.

The 1.9 dCi engine promises a good blend of power and economy with 130bhp on tap and average fuel consumption of 55mpg. There'll be plenty of long journeys to test out both aspects. Our car is 11 months old and has already covered more than 8,000 miles before coming to us, so we'll have a good opportunity to look at long term durability too.

Current mileage: 8382