Renault Megane Coupe: Inside story

Everyone has their faults and although the Renault Megane, with its coupe guise, is a sporty, good looking car those looks can be deceiving - there are a few irritating foibles.

When you spend so much time in the car a few of the quirks start making their presence known. For instance, the sun visor isn't particularly wonderful. When you pull it down the vanity mirror cover slides halfway open. Even when you push it shut again it continues to open. Very annoying

And the controls on the central console for the sat nav and the radio can be fiddly when trying to switch stations or zoom in or out when locating your destination on the navigation system.

But, niggling gripes aside, the Megane is a solid workhorse and thankfully it is very happy sitting at the national speed limit on the motorway. With an 80-mile commute every day much of this time is spent on the A1/M and this means that economy is important. At present the Megane is averaging 580 miles between fills with an impressive fuel economy of 46.5mpg.

Renault claims 55.4mpg for this model but the official economy figures on any new car are notoriously hard to achieve. From the last update we have increased the economy of the Megane by 4.7mpg - must be my light right foot.

It is encouraging that we are getting closer to the manufacturer's claimed figure: by the end of the ownership period we hope to break the 50mpg barrier. 

Current mileage: 12,392

Average mpg: 46.5mpg