Renault Megane Coupe: tip-top condition

Slick running requires the right oil

Depending on the miles I usually check the oil levels once a week on Parker's test cars.

Recently I checked the oil level on our Renault Megane 1.9 dCi and realised that it was a little low and needed a top-up. The key thing is to buy the right oil and that means the one with the correct viscosity rating or it could affect the engine's performance.

Petrol and diesel engines perform differently and it's common for the top piston ring on the engine to be exposed to temperatures of 160C, while the top piston ring on diesel engines can be exposed to much higher temperatures of 315C. Use the wrong oil and it won't cope with the higher temps, fail to lubricate the engine properly and increase wear and tear. In worst case scenarios, the engine can fail.  

The correct info on which oil to use should be in the handbook. Renault always recommends using Elf or Total oil, and either a 5W/40 or 5W/30 low emissions for Parker's Megane diesel. However, I also did some additional research and discovered that Castrol recommended its Syntrax Universal if you are looking for an alternative.

The viscosity numbers may not make sense but oil bottles will be marked with them. Just make sure they tally with the oil numbers recommended in the car's handbook. If you are unsure then contact your local Renault dealer - they will be able to help.

Current mileage: 13,123

Average mpg: 46.5