Renault Megane Coupe: reliable stablemate

Ownership experience proving to be a steadfast one

Renault has had problems with reliability in the past so I'm pleased to report our Megane has been trouble-free so far. 

To prove this I asked for a car with a healthy amount of miles, when our long-termer arrived it had just covered 8,000 miles. Our odometer is now reading 19,200 and the car is continuing to be well-behaved - a sign that Renault may have successfully turned the corner in the reliability stakes.

The interior is holding up well, the plastics are hard-wearing and looks like they will be durable for some time to come.

Mechanicals, including the engine and the gearbox are performing well too. They seem just as good as when the car arrived on the Parker's fleet. The car is due a service and I am betting it will be nothing more than a simple oil change and a good check over.

With reliability being such a clean bill of health the only minor problem I have at present is the tyres. The tread is getting a little thin and I will have to check the depth to make sure that I stay legal. 

I spotted it when checking the tyre pressures. I make a habit of checking them when I fill-up with fuel. Correct tyre pressures also mean I achieve better fuel economy and lengthen the wear on my tyres.

I'll be looking into which tyres to fit - sporty ones for great handling, low-rolling resistance for even better fuel economy or simply stick with the factory fit rubber.

Current mileage: 19,200