Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

If you’re unfamiliar with modern Renaults then the Scenic XMOD interior could prove to be a pleasant surprise.

Dominating the dashboard is a huge split in the upper moulding that houses a centrally mounted TFT digital display. There are two elements to it: the squarer left display shows features information such as audio selection, telephone details, how economically you’re driving and, when fitted, sat-nav.

To the right is a longer strip which contains the more essential information such as speed, engine revs, fuel level and details like cruise control speed. It’s all very clear and attractively styled but even with the seat in its lowest position taller drivers may find the top of the display shrouded by the dash moulding.

Upper reaches of the dashboard are fitted with a satisfyingly spongy grade of plastic, which isn’t replicated elsewhere in the cabin but the harder plastics feel resilient without feeling cheap.

Switchgear is operates with precise actions, feels good to use and is sensibly located around the dashboard. The only exception is centrally mounted rotary controller and its associated buttons for the infotainment system. It doesn’t take a long time to learn its nuances but even when familiar with it occasional glances to locate various functions might be required.

Disappointingly the colours and tones used for the interior are rather somber, with swathes of dark grey over most surfaces. It’s a glassy enough cabin to ensure it doesn’t feel claustrophobic but it lacks some of the colourful flair previous Renault interiors enjoyed.

Renault Scenic XMOD comfort levels are one of the car’s primary strengths. A combination of a spacious, airy cabin and five individual seats really pays dividends here. Whether children or adults are being transported everyone will feel comfortable with a fine view outside.

All three of the rear seats have a conventional three-point seatbelt and ISOFIX child restraint mountings, complete with adjustable head rests. All slide forwards and backwards as desired, proving comfortable and spacious enough for adults to use too.

Depending on the trim level, rear passengers can also benefit from adjustable air vents built into the central pillars and fold-down aircraft style tables attached to the rear of the front seats.

Even on the optional 17-inch alloy wheel package the ride quality is compliant and controlled both at urban and motorway cruising speeds. Run over a deeper rut and there’s little disturbance transmitted through to the occupants.

In spite of the extra body cladding and roof bars, there’s little disturbance inside from wind noise at speed and equally the passenger area is well isolated from significant engine noise or tyre roar. It’s a calm atmosphere which will help make longer journeys tolerable.