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Parkers overall rating: 4.4 out of 5 4.4
  • Diesels provide strong efficiency
  • CO2 emissions reasonable
  • Shouldn’t cost too much to run

Skoda Octavia Scout: what will is cost me to run?

The Skoda Octavia Scout’s running costs are competitive given that the car is all-wheel drive – however it runs in two-wheel drive mode most of the time to boost efficiency.

As a result, the Scout returns impressive claimed economy figures, with the 150hp version returning up to 56.5mpg, while the 184hp model returns slightly less at 55.4mpg.

As we have come to expect from the official consumption figures, they are to be used as a benchmark rather than a guide to what you should be achieving in real world driving. However, in motorway driving it should be easy enough to see 50mpg, while a heavy right foot will see it tumble closer to 40mpg.

  • Manual diesel the best performer
  • Both models closely matched for CO2
  • Just 3g/km splits them

Skoda Octavia Scout: is it eco-friendly?

Skoda Octavia Scout CO2 emissions are good considering the car’s size and all-wheel drive system.

CO2 emissions for the range start at 130g/km for the manual 150hp version, while for the higher powered 184hp automatic diesel option emissions go up only slightly to 133g/km

  • Just one recall for this model
  • Made from proven components
  • Skoda has a good reputation

Skoda Octavia Scout: will it break down on me?

Skoda has worked hard over the past few years to build up a solid reputation when it comes to reliability and the durability of its cars.

We rarely hear of Skoda cars being recalled and, as such, there has only been one for the current Octavia. It was in 2016 and involved child locks disengaging without warning.

If you’re buying a used Octavia, make sure any work to remedy the recall issue has been taken out – it should have been done under warranty.

The engines are also shared with other cars in the VW Group line-up, so they are well-proven.

Estimated fuel cost per year

Fuel type Pence per litre Estimated cost per year *
Diesel 131p £1,027 - £1,145 *

* The estimated fuel cost figure is based on an annual mileage of 10,000 miles and is a guide to how much this model will cost in fuel each year. It's calculated using the model's average MPG (calculated from both town centre and motorway driving) and the average fuel price from around the country. Actual fuel costs will vary based on driving style and road conditions.

Highest and lowest CO2 emissions

Engine CO2 emissions Road tax (12 months)
2.0 TDi Diesel 125 g/km (Min) £125
2.0 TDi (184ps) Diesel 141 g/km (Max) £145

Ongoing running costs

Road tax (12 months) £125 - £145
See tax rates for all versions
Insurance group 19 - 25
How much is it to insure?

Vehicle excise duty (VED) varies according to the CO2 emissions and the fuel type of the vehicle. For cars registered before 01 March 2001 it is based on engine size. For cars registered on or after 01 March 2001 the VED or road tax is based on the car's CO2 emissions.