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Skoda Ranges

  • Skoda Citigo-e

    Skoda Citigo-e

    New price:
    £20,455 - £22,815
    Used price:
    £15,236 - £17,797
  • Skoda Fabia

    Skoda Fabia

    New price:
    £14,280 - £19,390
    Used price:
    £143 - £15,219
  • Skoda Kamiq

    Skoda Kamiq

    New price:
    £18,295 - £26,600
    Used price:
    £12,974 - £21,145
  • Skoda Karoq

    Skoda Karoq

    New price:
    £22,765 - £35,255
    Used price:
    £11,927 - £26,488
  • Skoda Kodiaq

    Skoda Kodiaq

    New price:
    £26,810 - £45,740
    Used price:
    £12,767 - £36,186
  • Skoda Octavia

    Skoda Octavia

    New price:
    £16,515 - £32,745
    Used price:
    £138 - £23,862
  • Skoda Scala

    Skoda Scala

    New price:
    £18,065 - £25,720
    Used price:
    £10,996 - £19,116
  • Skoda Superb

    Skoda Superb

    New price:
    £24,855 - £42,100
    Used price:
    £266 - £35,187

Most popular Skoda reviews

  • Skoda Citigo-e Hatchback (2019 onwards) Review

    City car refreshed with all-electric powertrain

    Parkers rating: 4.2 out of 5 4.2
    New price: £20,455 - £22,815
    • One of the most affordable EVs
    • Just as practical as old petrol Citigo
    • Impressively nippy around town
    • Very easy to use
    • Some may not like the ‘normal’ feel
    • Interior starting to feel dated
    • Low-rent instruments
    • Lacking modern infotainment
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  • Skoda Kamiq SUV (2019 onwards) Review

    Skoda’s smallest SUV is accomplished and appealing

    Parkers rating: 4.5 out of 5 4.5
    New price: £18,295 - £26,600
    • Interesting looks set it apart from other VW Group cars
    • Pleasant interior with lots of space inside
    • Generous spec and up-to-date technology
    • Doesn’t offer an SUV driving position the looks suggest it has
    • DSG transmissions aren’t as slick as you might expect
    • If you want four-wheel drive, look elsewhere
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  • Skoda Kodiaq SUV (2017 onwards) Review

    Seven-seat SUV appeals equally to heart and head

    Parkers rating: 4.6 out of 5 4.6
    New price: £26,810 - £45,740
    • Comfortable, practical interior
    • Very competitive list prices
    • Good roadholding and smooth ride
    • Modern equipment and technology
    • Entry-level model is lacking desirable extras
    • Petrol models could do with more power
    • Manual gearbox is not the slickest
    • Interior is functional rather than special
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  • Skoda Octavia Estate (2013 onwards) Review

    Aging all-rounder is our favourite estate

    Parkers rating: 4.5 out of 5 4.5
    New price: £17,330 - £32,745
    • Spacious and comfortable
    • Excellent value
    • Range of efficient engines
    • 4x4 version available
    • Not terribly exciting
    • No hybrid or electric version
    • Driver assistance tech dated
    • Thirsty vRS
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  • Skoda Scala Hatchback (2019 onwards) Review

    Another capable addition to the family hatchback class

    Parkers rating: 4.2 out of 5 4.2
    New price: £18,065 - £25,720
    • Superb practicality
    • Plenty of safety kit on offer
    • Refined three-cylinder petrol engines
    • Swish new cabin
    • Not that fun to drive
    • Front of the cabin feels narrower than some rivals
    • No alarm or lumbar support on base-spec models
    • Slightly unsettled low-speed ride
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Skoda is a Czech firm with a strong range of excellent cars such as the Fabia, Octavia, Superb, Rapid and Yeti. It has a rich history spanning over 100 years, but the company started off in 1895 as a bicycle manufacturer called Laurin & Klement, and was bought out in 1924 by an arms firm called Skoda Works.

It survived both world wars and in 1945 split from the other parts of the Skoda Works empire, becoming Skoda Auto. By the 1980s the firm was the butt of many jokes thanks to its out-dated line-up but it started to turn things around in 1997 with the introduction of the first Octavia, that also later came in an estate version.

One major reason for the turnaround was due to the Volkswagen Group taking a 30% stake in the company in 1990 and helping privatise the firm. As the years went by VW bought more equity in Skoda, until finally taking 100% in 2000.

By this point Skoda was seen as the entry level brand into the VAG group, and shared much of its technical expertise along with parts and production knowledge. One end result was the Skoda Citigo, a city car that was also launched by VW as the Up.