Parkers overall rating: 3.3 out of 5 3.3

The Parkers verdictShould you buy a Smart EQ Fortwo?

If you’re a city slicker and need a nippy electric runabout, this is the car for you. But it really should be seen that way – and although around 70 miles between recharges may be more than enough to bumble around, it’s trounced by the SEAT Mii Electric. This, then, leaves its diminutive size and manoeuvrability as the Fortwo’s ace-in-the-hole.

And how. The Smart EQ Fortwo is an absolute hoot to drive around town. It ducks and dives with the best of them, and has such a tight turning circle that even the narrowest streets can be turned in one go. It’s quick away from the lights and is an absolute cinch to drive.

But, in truth, anything wider than a two-wheeled conveyance has no urban nip-and-tuck advantage and, moreover, it’s an ongoing source of frustration that the smart has always been just a whisker too long to park nose-on to the kerb.

In all, then, electric drive proves a good match for the Fortwo’s bustling, urban character. Its UK-unique two-seat format gives the car sufficient kudos to appeal to a whole new range of first time EV buyers, but the scant range of around 70 miles limits that appeal to urbanites only, and the more hip latter may not be impressed by on-board technology that’s clearly behind the curve.

Smart EQ Fortwo (2020) rear view

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