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Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

The engines size is only 698cc and it's only a three-cylinder, but it is turbocharged for extra punch. It's available with 50bhp, 61bhp and - in Brabus tune - 74bhp. All three offer sprightly performance around town, but it's only the 74bhp Brabus that is really happy on the motorway. Six-speed semi-automatic gearbox takes a week or so to get comfortable with, but works well after that.

Easy and enjoyable to drive with light, accurate steering and good brakes, which is ideal for town driving. Short wheelbase and almost square stance means it drives like nothing else on the road The ride is good on most surfaces, but changes of road surface and potholes cause a lot of pitching and bouncing and there's lots of bodyroll into corners. All cars have a fully or semi-automatic gearbox.

It's a much improved gearbox than those fitted to early City Coupe models: less jerky and more responsive. Light steering and a tight lock prove that the City Coupe is in its element in the town. Even basic models get traction and stability controls, a semi-auto gearbox and ABS brakes.