Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

Smart Roadster makes life easy for the driver. Everything is within easy reach (even the passenger-side wing mirror adjustment) and although it is rather plasticy, it all feels well engineered, special and sporty. Dash-mounted dials swivel, so you can adjust them to the position you want. Dials are clear and easy to read. Forward visibility is good, but rearward and side visibility can be restricted - especially when there's a passenger inside.

The cabin seats two adults in cosy - rather than tight - comfort. Head and leg room are good for all but the tallest of passengers. It's noisy at speed (the engine is located behind the seats) and there's a fair amount of wind noise. Interior materials are high quality and take cues from the original Smart city car. Seats are comfortable and give good support when cornering hard.

Leather heated seats are optional - a real treat for winter driving.