Parkers overall rating: 2.5 out of 5 2.5

It's a bit all over the place: the cruise control stalk is located at the bottom half of the steering wheel. It's extremely close to the wheel which means that you often find yourself inadvertently switching it on as your thumb occasionally passes by. Some of the other controls are also illogically placed. For example, the button for the trip computer is under the clock, in the middle of the dash.

There are also no seek arrows for the radio but merely a 'seek' button which means that you can't control the direction of your radio station search. The heating controls are clear though. The materials used are all fairly hard wearing but many are easily marked and scratched. The leather used on the higher-specification seats also feels very thin and prone to wearing and stretching quickly.

As we have said in the performance section, the diesel clatter compromises the SsangYong Korando comfort experience and when you factor in the bouncy, wallowy ride there's little to get excited about. Still, it's not too firm at low speeds - a comfort plus point - and the supportive seats that require little adjustment to find a decent driving position are also a bonus.

We don't think it's a total disaster but the unpredictable ride will start to irritate on longer journeys if you are on anything other than billiard-table-smooth road surfaces. The ride quality degrades further at higher speeds, where bumps and potholes send solid thuds through the cabin.