Parkers overall rating: 2.5 out of 5 2.5

SsangYong have made big strides in improving the interior quality of the Rexton W and you can definitely tell the difference.

Although the interior has greatly improved, behind the wheel there are still a few cheap plastics lurking around, especially where cup holders are involved.

The centre console looks more modern and is easy to navigate around except for the Kenwood Entertainment system which is fiddly, slow to react and fitted with buttons that are too small, which could be quite a nuisance on the move.

Some of the chrome touches around the cabin give the interior a more refined feel and help to lift the ambience.

Space is generous throughout and there are plenty of storage options to stow your things on a journey, although the glove compartment is surprisingly small.

Starting the car is a simple operation and the dashboard clearly displays all the essential information. The electrically adjustable driver seat is an added bonus, especially as it can memorise your seating position – ideal if another person drives the car.

SsangYong Rexton W comfort levels are fairly strong.

The only real complaint would be the ride quality which is bumpy and jerky at times. Engine noise too can become an irritant, especially on the motorway and wind noise can intrude into the cabin when travelling at high speeds.

The seats are comfortable and there is plenty of room for passengers in the front and second row to stretch out on long journeys.

The air-con when tested settled the car’s temperature quickly and reading lights are available in the back as well as the front, ideal for passengers who like to read while driving at night.

Bluetooth is a little bit of a pain to connect up to thanks to the fiddly Kenwood system, however the USB port is conveniently placed and there are plenty of places to store your personal items while on the move.

The sound system is decent (although the sound quality reduces at higher volumes) and thanks to the car’s large windows the cabin is quite light and airy.