Parkers overall rating: 2.5 out of 5 2.5

Subaru’s characterful six-cylinder found in the top Legacy models is fitted to the Tribeca. It boasts 245bhp and decent pulling power but while it feels fine under most conditions, with maximum power found in the top half of the rev range the five-speed box often goes hunting for the right gear when faced with hills. It also has to often be forced to change down in order to get decent acceleration.

0-62mph takes 9.7 seconds, but in normal driving, the engine has to be worked hard and becomes noisy as a result. The Nissan Murano with its CVT gearbox and a little extra pulling power available lower down feels much livelier than the Subaru. The Tribeca’s engine is also very thirsty, averaging a woeful 23mpg while emissions of 291g/km of CO2 make it expensive to tax.

Over-light steering aside, the Tribeca feels surefooted on the road with well controlled body roll and high levels of grip thanks to a low centre of gravity provided by Subaru’s unique engine and transmission layout. It also helps the 4×4’s ground clearance, although the Tribeca does without much of the hardware needed to venture off road anywhere more challenging than a gravel track.

The Tribeca rides smoothly and is happiest when cruising along the motorway. Tests in North America have shown the Tribeca is hardly more likely to roll in an emergency manoeuvre than a regular saloon car.