Parkers overall rating: 3 out of 5 3.0

Available with the 2.0 litre flat four engine either turbocharged or normally aspirated. The 1.6 model was discontinued in 2003. In truth, the standard 2.0 has enough go for day to day driving, although the storming pace of the turbocharged WRX is hard to resist. The downside is of course the extra damage it does to your wallet. An automatic gearbox is optional as an alternative to the five-speed manual on the 2.0 GX only.

It also features a selectable low ratio to aid towing.

With Subaru's classic all-wheel drive set-up, Impreza doesn't have - or seem to need - any electronic traction control. It simply puts its power down without fuss or drama - and in the case of the WRX this is considerable power. The flat four engine makes a low centre of gravity which aids stability through the corners.