Parkers overall rating: 3.4 out of 5 3.4
  • Easy-to-understand controls
  • Good driving position
  • Some cheap materials on show

Subaru Impreza: what's it like inside?

The Impreza’s cabin isn’t likely to win any awards for the aesthetics of its design. Thankfully, this is something that few of the car’s potential buyers are likely to care about. What it does excel in is simplicity and ease-of-use with clear buttons, chunky controls and three digital displays.

Three displays provide vital information

Most important of of the three LCDs is the 8.0-inch multifunction infotainment screen. The onscreen graphics and icons may look a little low-rent, yet the display is clear and responsive thanks to the excellent touchscreen. Above this monitor is a 4.3-inch LCD screen capable of showing driver assist information, what radio station you’re tuned into and trip computer data.

The screen in the Subaru Impreza works well, but sat-nav isn't included. You'll need Apple CarPlay or Android Auto for that

Finally, there’s another smaller screen between the rev counter and speedometer giving information on fuel economy and a digital speedometer.

Good standard driving position

Drivers of all heights and sizes shouldn’t have any trouble getting comfortable behind the wheel of the Impreza, with plenty of scope for adjustment in the seat and steering column. However, should you start to drive fast into the bends, skinnier occupants will find the otherwise comfy front seats don’t hold you in particularly well.

When on the move, all major and auxiliary controls – such as the gearstick, lights and air-con buttons – are thoughtfully-placed and easy to operate.

Plenty of all-round storage

Sizeable door pockets capable of taking a one-litre bottle of water and two central cupholders should take care of all your other drinks storage needs.

There’s also a space under the centre console for your phone, a reasonably-sized glovebox and a capacious area underneath the armrest for bric-a-brac.

Quality of materials could be better

While everything feels well screwed together, some of the materials look and feel decidedly cheap, especially when compared to some of the Impreza’s similarly-priced rivals. The electric window switches for example wear a tacky fake-chrome finish while the carbon-effect panels on the door cards feel a touch out of place. 

Some of the switchgear and fittings feel a little low-rent in the Subaru Impreza

  • Suspension feels set up for comfort
  • Exceptional ride quality
  • Road and engine noise levels could be lower

Subaru Impreza: what's it like inside?

The Impreza feels softly sprung and set up for comfort on the road. The ride quality is exceptional for a car in this class, feeling compliant and well-damped over all surfaces.

Bear in mind as well, that the cars we drove on the international launch were all fitted with 18-inch alloy wheels, while UK cars will only be getting smaller – and theoretically more comfortable – 17-inchers.

Refinement could be better

It’s a real shame that with such an excellent ride quality the Impreza’s overall comfort is let down by its lack of refinement. As we’ve already mentioned in the Performance section, both engines are intrusively loud when worked – and represent the Impreza’s biggest failing.

However, when the engine isn’t under load and the car is simply cruising at a steady speed, refinement levels are far more in-keeping with the car’s relaxing ride. Wind noise is discreet even if the roar emanating from the tyres could be more hushed. We anticipate that UK cars fitted with 17-inch wheels will fare better in this respect.