Parkers overall rating: 3 out of 5 3.0

The rev-happy 64bhp 657cc engine is peppy, willing and even sounds characterful – especially when the turbo kicks-in. Acceleration is quick: Cappuccino gets to 60mph in around eight seconds (although, due, to the driving position, it feels much quicker). However, the top speed is limited to 87mph. Work the five-speed gearbox and you’ll be rewarded with the feel of a proper sportscar.

Best keep it on A-roads, as it’s outclassed on the motorway: progress at these speeds is restricted.

Cappuccino doesn’t make for a relaxed motorway drive. If the noise of the engine and road isn’t uncomfortable enough, there’s always the worry that the Cappuccino’s tiny body is a lorry driver’s blind spot. It’s a different story on twisty cross-country roads, where it’s grippy, fast and lots of fun. The steering is sharp and there’s remarkably little bodyroll.

However, as it’s rear-wheel drive, it can, in the wet, be a bit of a handful. And down-right frightening to the inexperienced.