Parkers overall rating: 3 out of 5 3.0

The list of standard safety equipment is sparse and reflects a time when safety wasn’t quite as high up car buyers’ agendas as it is today. In addition, Cappuccinos are lower than the windows of most big 4x4s. All cars have side impact protection beams. If it does not already have an alarm fitted, it’s a good idea to fit a Thatcham Category One alarm; it may reduce your insurance too.

Very little boot space. The roof panels fit, layered (almost origami-like), into the boot; when this is the case, there is no luggage space. Inside there are a couple of lockable cubbies, but only useful for very small items. The roof panels are removed in three sections and there are three roof options: T-bar (just the middle section in place), Targa (all roof panels removed, but the rear glass in place) and fully convertible (all panels removed, rear glass lowered).

Fuel tank is just 30 litres, which means it has a limited range.

Basic equipment

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