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Suzuki Ignis verdict

2017 onwards (change model)
Parkers overall rating: 3.6 out of 53.6

Written by Tom Wiltshire Published: 30 May 2023 Updated: 30 May 2023

Should you buy one?

Yes. If you’re in the market for a city car but you don’t want something boring, the Suzuki Ignis is a brilliant option. It’s fun, stylish and just a little bit different. It’s also affordable both to buy and to run.

We reckon it’s best to steer clear of the Ignis if you do a lot of long-distance motorway driving – and like any city car, there are compromises to be made in passenger space and boot room that simply won’t suit many buyers. But for those who remain mainly in the city, they’ll enjoy the Ignis’ dinky dimensions and charming style.

Suzuki Ignis cheapest SUV
The Ignis is a great city car with a cheeky character. It’s certain to make your commute fun.

We’d find it difficult to avoid specifying AllGrip purely due to the joyous stupidity of having a four-wheel drive city car. However, a front-wheel drive SZ-T car will suit most people down to the ground for a very reasonable price.

What we like

The Ignis is quirky, fuel efficient, comfortable around town and rather spacious (for its size). It’s also well built and has plenty of storage in the cabin. Suzuki’s 1.2-litre mild hybrid petrol engine gives it a surprising turn of speed, too.

What we don’t like

Suzuki’s infotainment technology is very dated. And while the Ignis might be fun to razz around town, it’s slab sides, light weight, dinky footprint and small engine make it less comfortable on the motorway.