Parkers overall rating: 2.5 out of 5 2.5

1.3 litre petrol engine means Jimny’s abilities are modest. It comes with a choice of five-speed manual, or four-speed automatic gearbox. Not the fastest 4×4 around with a top speed of only 87mph, nor is it the most refined way to get about as it needs harsh revs to pick up speed and is noisy on motorways. But it’s relatively economical. Although there are some 2005-registered Jimny soft tops around, it didn’t get the same engine upgrade as the tin-top model.

You don’t buy the Jimny for its slick and nimble handling. Just as well. Even in this class, Jimny is outperformed. It rolls a lot, making it nausea-inducing on back roads, while the steering is dull and lifeless. When it comes to town driving, Jimny isn’t much fun at all. Then there’s the ride: crashy, uncomfortable and unable to absorb everyday lumps and bumps.

Where Jimny is good is off-road. There’s a separate chassis, low ratio gearbox and high ground clearance, which means that it can do all the usual mud-plugging tricks and is only restricted by its low power engine.