Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

The Avensis has a neatly designed, if rather sober interior, with the audio and ventilation controls clearly laid out and easy to use. Cars equipped with satellite navigation have a combination of large buttons either side of the display with further touch-screen functions, leaving the dashboard uncluttered. Two-tone colours are used with lighter tones on the lower parts of the doors and dashboard, helping lend the interior an upmarket feel.

The driver has a good range of adjustment to achieve the best driving position and high-spec models have electrically adjustable seats and steering column.

The Avensis has a top quality interior for the money and occupants feel isolated from the outside. Wind noise and tyre noise are unobtrusive, while both petrol and diesel engines are barely audible so there’s little to complain about when considering overall Toyota Avensis comfort levels. Air conditioning is standard across the range (as you’d expect in this type of car) while all but the entry grade T2 come with cruise control.

The interior is roomy enough for five adults, although anyone about six feet tall or over might find the headroom only adequate in the rear.