Parkers overall rating: 3.8 out of 5 3.8

Should you buy one?

The C-HR claimed our 2018 Car of the Year Award, so we can recommend one. But only if you’re in the market for a left-of-centre hybrid SUV and you don’t need oodles of space.

If your needs aren’t so niche, it’s hard to look past more sensible options like the Skoda Kamiq and Ford Puma.

Still after a C-HR? We’d recommend a base model 1.8-litre. It still has plenty of kit and 50mpg will be easily achievable.

What we like

Official MPG figures that you can come close to replicating in real life.

Surprisingly keen to drive.

What we don’t like

You’ll most likely get used to the mooing that comes from the engine thanks to the unusual transmission. But it’s still annoying and counter intuitive.

The infotainment looks and feels very old. 

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