Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

Thanks to a high driving position, the Land Cruiser gives the driver a great view of the road, although its sheer bulk means that tight manoeuvres can be tricky. The quality of the cabin is superb with high quality materials and modern instrument dials giving it an upmarket look. What's not so good is the layout - there are too many buttons which makes it look messy and some of them aren't in obvious places - for instance the switches to vary the ride height are tucked away by the driver's left knee.

It's not the most stylish of designs either, dominated by a boxy centre console that houses the sat-nav (on LC4 and LC5 models) while the wood finish looks old-fashioned.

Refinement is a big news when considering Toyota Land Cruiser comfort. The cabin is well insulated from road and wind noise while the smooth D-4D engine is only moderately loud at high revs. The seats are exceptionally cosseting too, although the downside is that they do lack a little in support. But as a long distance car, it is very impressive, helped by a spacious cabin.

There's plenty of room in the front and good leg room for rear passengers too. LC4 and LC5 models come with an extra two-seats in the back (these are optional on the LC3), but while headroom is good, these seats are quite cramped, especially for adults, plus getting to them isn't very easy either, despite the middle row of seats flipping and sliding forward.

The third row is good for occasional use or for children though, and it's no less spacious than any other seven seat 4x4 of this size.