Alan Taylor-Jones

Alan Taylor-Jones

New Cars Editor

Alan has been writing about cars professionally since 2015, but has been obsessed with them since not long after birth. How obsessed? He named his first teddy bear General after General Motors….

He’s now the New Cars Editor for Parkers and CAR magazine after a long stint at What Car? magazine. Alan's appeared in Autocar and Classic & Sports Car, with a couple if pieces on Jalopnik and Pistonheads when he was just starting out.

Since then he’s tested all manner of cars, from campervans and pickup trucks to low slung sports cars and racy hot hatches and all points in between. You’ll find his writing online and on print, with the occasional appearance on YouTube, too.

Although he’s most often found writing about new cars, you’ll frequently find him behind the wheel of a Reliant Scimitar GTE and dreaming of flaky old Citroens. It’s that or playing with radio controlled cars, the big kid.

Alan’s top tips for Parkers readers are:

  • If you’re looking at finance deals, take a look at premium brands as they’ll often be just as cheap as those for lesser brands. Thank slow depreciation for that.
  • Make sure you go for a test drive before you buy, just because something looks good doesn’t mean it’ll drive well.
  • Take manufacturer’s claimed economy figures with a pinch of salt, especially if they’re little turbocharged petrol engines

Alan says ‘There’s little I enjoy more than geeking out over the latest new cars and being amongst the first to drive them. Once I’ve had my fill, I’ll tell you exactly how they stack up against rivals, and I’m not afraid to call something out for being rubbish.’

Alan is an expert in…

  • Reviewing new cars and comparing them to rivals
  • Obscure old cars
  • Vintage Tamiya radio controlled cars
  • Beards

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