Seven things you need to know before you sell your car

  • Here are our seven tips for selling your car
  • Honest advertising and knowing the value is key
  • Our guide aims to make car selling easy

Getting a new car can be very exciting, but when it comes to selling your current car it can sometimes be a real headache trying to get the best deal as quickly as possible.

To make life easier, here are our top seven tips to getting a good deal so you can get on with enjoying your new set of wheels.

1. Being honest could save you money

When it comes to selling your car, remember you’re also selling yourself as a trustworthy car owner. Transparency about any defects on the car will avoid buyers trying to knock the price down when they come to view.

2. Good pictures will reduce timewasters

For a quick sale and to attract good buyers rather than timewasters, lots of quality pictures are essential. If there’s any damage make sure you include pictures, plus any stand-out features like an integrated sat-nav, big alloy wheels or rear spoiler. Buyers will be looking specifically at bumpers and scuffed wheels for damage – including pictures of these will help answer many of the buyer's questions before they arrive at your door.

3. Part-exchange or private sale?

Exchanging your old car at a dealership has many perks and is usually the most hassle-free way of getting rid of your old car. However, you’re more likely to receive a lower price than if it was sold privately, which is something to bear in mind. Selling the car yourself will be more time consuming, though. If you’re heading on holiday anytime soon, it might be better to put off the sale until you come back.

4. Find out how much your car is worth 

Your first port of call should be our valuations section. It’s what we’re famous for, after all. By tapping into our huge database of used car prices, you'll be able to view accurate market values showing how much to expect from dealers through part-exchange or how much to advertise for as a private sale.

Simply put the car’s registration number into the tool (or select the correct make and model in the drop-down menu) and we’ll crunch the data to tell you how much your car is worth. Find out how much your car is really worth on the Parkers Free Car Valuation Tool.

5. History check your new car

Before you sell your current car, are you sure there are no secrets looming that could put you off your new set of wheels? It’s money well spent for that extra peace of mind to check that the car hasn’t been written-off before and there isn’t any outstanding finance. You could also do a full check on the car you’re trying to sell to help attract buyers by listing the result in your advert. Get a history check here.

6. Do your homework

Is your car in demand? Is there plenty of choice in your area? We can give you an idea of what your car is worth based on age and mileage, but an increase in demand could mean people will be willing to pay that little bit more. For an idea of the market, check out the prices in our Cars for Sale section – there are more than 200,000 cars currently for sale.

7. Get your paperwork in order

To help attract buyers, make sure you keep your service and maintenance history up-to-date, remain on time with MoTs and keep hold of any other paperwork associated with your car. 

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