Campervan show stars - highlights from 2018 Caravan Salon Dusseldorf

  • Campervan gallery from vast European caravan show
  • We pick our favourites from show debuts and conversions
  • Includes new models from Mercedes and Volkswagen

We've been to visit the 2018 Dusseldorf Caravan Salon - an enormous show dedicated to campervans and caravans.

Below is a gallery of many of the highlights from this year's event, including exciting new debuts from VW and Mercedes, as well as a huge range of aftermarket conversions.

So whether you're a diehard California fan or curious about a modern re-interpretation of the Citroen H van, join us for a quick tour of the best exhibits on show.

VW Grand California 600

Star debut at the 2018 Dusseldorf Caravan Salon has surely got to be the VW Grand California, a full production model based on the latest Crafter large van.

VW Grand California 680

The Grand California comes in two versions: the 6.0-metre long 600 (brown model) and the 6.8-metre long 680 (blue model). Both go on sale in early 2019. Read more about them in our full separate story by clicking here.

Mercedes Sprinter Connected Home concept

Not to be outdone, Mercedes has brought several vehicles to the show, including a number of conversions based on the latest Sprinter. Some of these are by thrid parties, but this Connected Home concept is its own - though Mercedes claims it has no plans to build an extra-large Marco Polo production vehicle at this stage.

Mercedes MBAC concept

Speaking of the existing Vito-based Marco Polo campervan, Mercedes is also showing a concept based on that called the MBAC. This stands for Mercedes-Benz Advanced Control, which is a fancy way of saying that a number of its functions respond to voice control - including fully-automated conversion from road to camper mode.

Modern Citroen H-van

Prefer something more retro? This Citroen Typ H WildCamp is a modern recreation of the famous Citroen H van, using plastic panels. It's based on the Relay large van, and will certainly stand out at the camp site.

Renault campervans old and new at Dusseldorf Caravan Salon 2018

There's also an old versus new vibe on the Renault stand, as a modern Renault Master motorhome rubs shoulders with a classis Renault Estafette.

Renault Trafic and Renault Alaskan camper conversions

Renault is also showing camper conversions based on the Trafic medium van and Alaskan pickup.

Mercedes X-Class with roof tent

Since the Alaskan still isn't available to buy in the UK, how about this X-Class with roof tent instead. It's based on the same Nissan Navara pickup platform as the Renault, after all.

Off-road caravan display

Judging by some of the other displays, off-road camping seems to be quite the thing at the 2018 Caravan Salon.

Ford Transit off-road campervan conversion

For example, here's a tough-as-nails Ford Transit for any terrain.

Westfalia Amundsen conversion based on Fiat Ducato

This is a hardcore Westfalia Amundsen conversion based on the Fiat Ducato.

Van Your Life Terracamper conversion based on VW Transporter

And this is a Van You Life Terracamper conversion based on the VW Transporter.

VW California 30 Years Edition

The Transporter also forms the basis of Volkswagen's own California campervan of course, which is celebrating 30 years of production at the show with a new 30 Years special edition.

VW California and fans

Unsurprisingly, the California has plenty of fans at the show.

VW Caddy Life Beach campervan

We were also rather taken with this VW Caddy Life Beach camper, complete with bolt-on tent.

VW Caddy Camp campervan conversion with pop-up roof

Although, if you're after Caddy, this aftermarket Caddy Camp conversion takes the campervan concept far further - check out that pop-up roof.

Peugeot Rifter campervan conversion

The small van-based camper market might have a new contender here - this is the Peugeot Rifter 4x4 concept, a camping van based on a people carrier based on the next-gen Peugeot Partner van.

Ford Transit Custom campervan

This Ford Transit Custom campervan conversion is carrying a FordPass pushbike. Hopefully that's not supposed to a be a childseat on the back...

Motorbike in a motorhome

This motorhome, on the other hand, has space for a motorbike. And were pretty sure that a Ducati Monster is the winner of that particular contest.

VW Transporter Santa Cruz campervan with surfboard

That said, if you're after maximum lifestyle, this Santa Cruz VW Transporter campervan conversion by Reisemobil probably takes overal victory. It's got a surfboard.

Mercedes Spritner F-Cell campervan

Another Mercedes Sprinter conversion. This one's a bit different, though, as it's powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. Sounds far-fetched, but the tech is going into production in the GLC passenger car in 2019, and its modular design means it easily slots into the Sprinter. THe result is zero-emissions camping. For more details on the Sprinter F-Cell click here.

Nissan e-NV200 electric campervan

Mercedes isn't the only one with a zero-emissions camper, though. This one is based on the Nissan e-NV200 electric van.

Storage solutions in the Nissan e-NV200 electric campervan

It isn't as posh as the Mercedes, but it does the job. The conversion is by Reimo, and called the Camping Box M.

Fiat Ducato chassis for campervans and motorhomes

Finally, it wouldn't be a campervan show with legions of Fiat Ducatos - since Fiat's large van remains the most popular basis for larger campervan and motorhome conversions. Here then is a look at the basic chassis that underpins all these vehicles.

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