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Vauxhall Adam PARKERS review

Too compromised to be a genuine MINI alternative


Frequently asked questions about the Vauxhall Adam

  • What is the Vauxhall Adam?
  • The Vauxhall Adam was the smallest car the brand sells in the UK, slotting beneath the Corsa in its line-up, albeit as a more upmarket proposition. It was available only as a three-door hatchback, this city car competes with rivals including the Ford Ka+, Fiat 500, MINI Hatch and Toyota Aygo. The Adam majors on youthful style and individuality, and there are many ways to personalise this small car.

    Different coloured roofs, a choice of gloss black or silver alloy wheels, and vibrant interior dashboard inserts allowed buyers inject a degree of colour and individuality so that no two Adams need ever look the same. You learn a lot about who this car was aimed at by some of the colourful options packs offered when new: the contrasting black roof is called Black Jack in the options list, while the white roof is dubbed White My Fire. Read on for our full guide to the Vauxhall Adam, giving you a taste of the whole range.
  • Which versions of the Vauxhall Adam are available?
  • Vauxhall discontinued the Adam range in 2019, after killing off some of the more interesting derivatives in 2018. The only powertrain option in 2019 was the 70hp 1.2-litre petrol engine, which came with annual/20,000-mile servicing intervals. It’s simply a question then of picking which spec best matches your need for equipment and toys: the entry model is called Jam, the next level up is the Griffin while the range-topper is named Energised.

    Even basic models came with air-conditioning, Bluetooth phone connectivity, cruise control and remote locking. Step up to Griffin to add satellite navigation, DAB radio and Apple CarPlay plus Android Auto for your smartphone. Top-spec Adam Energised brings larger alloy wheels and a host of personalisation options bundled in to the price.
  • What's under the skin?
  • Vauxhall’s city car is a decent looking thing, but only came as a three-door. If you regularly carry more than one passenger you might want to consider a rival with five doors. The interior is bright and cheery (especially when you spec some of the more lively interior colour packs) but the quality isn’t quite up to what you’ll find in a MINI Hatch, the youthful car that the Adam shamelessly imitates. The engineering underneath the chic wardrobe is rather more traditional. This is a basic front-wheel drive city car, with no hybrid or electric versions.
  • Is the Vauxhall Adam good to drive?
  • The Vauxhall Adam is quite old-school to drive; it doesn’t shine in any one area, if we’re being honest, and has a rather plodding character. Certainly, if you want driving fizz and fun, a MINI will knock it into a cocked hat. There were five motors available during its lifetime.

    The 1.0 and 1.4 were good, but dropped in 2018, leaving just the 1.2 to live until the range was dicontinued. Performance was adequate rather than matching the zesty character of this car and you’ll probably not derive much pleasure from its handling, controls and all-round driving manners. The way it rides, steers, stops and goes is just too workmanlike to deserve our heartfelt recommendation.
  • How much does the Vauxhall Adam cost?
  • As a used car, there's a premium over the equivalent Corsa. That’s the price of fashion. The cheapest Vauxhall Adam models are dropping rapidly in price, though, so if you're after a stylish alternative to the more popular superminis, and don't need acres of rear legroom, it's becoming increasingly good value.

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