Parkers overall rating: 2.9 out of 5 2.9
  • Decent quality materials and construction
  • Personalisation can make it garish, though
  • Doesn’t feel as upmarket as Audi A1, MINI

The interior of the Vauxhall Adam is a pleasant place. Stick to the less gaudy trims (unlike the car pictured below) and the car is easy to live with – there are no garish colours or in-your-face graphics as standard. It borrows much of its switchgear from the larger Corsa and Astra, and this is no bad thing.

All the controls are all easily accessed and relatively intuitive while a good driving position is easy to find. It falls short of an Audi A1 or MINI Hatch in terms of outright quality, but it’s noticeably better than a Fiat 500, with squidgier plastics and a greater feeling of robustness.

Vauxhall Adam interior comfort

Is it comfortable?

  • Lacks the comfort of its key rivals
  • Decent amount of space up front
  • Cramped for two in the back, though

Vauxhall Adam comfort levels are not as good as those found in the Audi A1 or MINI Hatch. The cabin is especially well-insulated and the ambience is ruined by the amount of tyre noise.

Up front there is plenty of space and both driver and front passenger seats are well bolstered with decent side supports. If you or your front seat passenger is six foot plus then adults sitting in the rear will be cramped. The seating arrangement is more of a 2+2 rather than a conventional four-seater. Note there’s no central rear seatbelt.

Adams fitted with 17- and 18-inch wheels also receive stiffer Sports suspension, which mars the ride quality making the little Vauxhall feel frustratingly unsettled and bouncy.