Parkers overall rating: 3 out of 5 3.0
  • Good quality interior plastics
  • Feels durable; sensible storage facilities
  • Employ caution with the personalisation options

Overall the interior inside the Vauxhall Adam Rocks is very good, the materials feel durable and of good quality and it’s an overall comfortable and pleasant place to spend a journey in – providing you are in the front seats.

There is plenty of easy-to-use kit on the Adam Rocks: the Intellilink infotainment system in particular is easy to navigate around and control and we found the entertainment features, cruise control and air-conditioning all easy to operate.

Despite the compact dimensions the front seats are big and comfortable too and the numerous practical storage options surrounding the car make it easy to store and have easy access to all of your personal items while on the move. 

Like the regular Adam, there’s a range of personalisation options to really make the Rocks your own, although we’d advise caution with some of the gaudier colour schemes as you might struggle to sell it on the used market.

  • Front seats are reasonably comfortable…
  • Those in the back have much to complain about
  • Harsher suspension settings for the Rocks S

Stick to the front seats in the Vauxhall Adam Rocks and comfort levels are decent with a reasonable amount of room on offer to stretch out on long journeys.

If you’re relegated to the rear bench, space is less than ideal and, if those in the front are six-feet tall or over, actually using the pair of back seats could prove impossible.

Save for the non-turbo engines having to be revved hard, there’s little external noise entering the cabin if you have a conventional solid-roofed model, but go for the Rocks Air and there’s a considerable din caused by the air rushing around the front deflector. Turbulence is also created in the back seat when the canvas is fully retracted.

Rocks and Rocks Air models are the more comfortably riding in the range thanks to the 15mm elevation in suspension height and their softer suspension arrangement. The S, complete with wider diameter 18-inch wheels is much harsher.