Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

While the Astra TwinTop is neatly styled on the outside, the cabin is a letdown. Little has been changed from the hatchback and it looks dour for a car that’s supposed to be fun. The finish is good and it’s well built, but it’s not stylish while some of the buttons are poorly laid out and badly labelled. The air condition switches are the worst culprits, placed so low down they are difficult to see.

Overall it lacks panache and feels clunky. Visibility from the driver’s seat is good, roof up or down, except for particularly tall drivers. The steeply raked windscreen puts the rear view mirror in such a position that drivers much over six-foot may find their view partially obscured.

Access to the back seats is good in the TwinTop thanks to the wide doors and there’s adequate legroom compared to the cramped passenger space you usually get in coupe convertibles. That said, the seats are quite upright and with two six-footers in the front, rear space is limited. But it’s not claustrophobic in the back with the roof up. The sleek shape means that with the roof down (and side windows up) the front passengers do not feel much buffeting even at high speeds and a wind deflector can be added for even better protection.

The ride is quite firm which helps it feel more sporty but not so much that it’ll unsettle passengers although optional 18-inch alloys do make the ride noticeably harsher.