Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

The Phaeton is set up for driver comfort. The big leather seats are endlessly adjustable, plus there’s plenty of movement in the steering wheel, so finding the ideal driving position is easy. Unfortunately the interior isn’t as user friendly as it is comfortable. The cabin is littered with buttons – some of which duplicate tasks. It’s confusing and distracting to use on the move too.

On the plus side, the air conditioning vents are hidden under wooden veneers and these slide out of the way when the air con is in use. It’s a neat – and elegant – touch. Rear visibility isn’t great, but excellent front and rear parking sensors help to judge distances while optional massage seats sooth your back as you drive.

There’s loads of space for the front passenger, as well as a large well upholstered leather seat and individual climate control. It’s a similar story in the back, where it’s possible for the rear passengers to have their own controls for the air conditioning. The Phaeton is available in four or five seat versions. Four seat versions have a huge amount of space in the back while long wheelbase models have enough legroom to really stretch out.

It’s exceptionally quiet on the move – only engine noise is occasionally noticeable and there’s excellent sound quality from the stereo system.