Parkers overall rating: 4.4 out of 5 4.4
  • Excellent all-round built quality
  • Decent driving position…
  • … but no reach adjustment for steering wheel

VW Up inside

Excellent build quality

Despite being the smallest and cheapest car Volkswagen makes, the Up benefits from excellent all-round build quality that none of its rivals can match. The Hyundai i10 feels solid, but the quality of materials on offer falls short of the Up.

Good visibility and driving position

All-round visibility from the driver’s seat is excellent thanks to the car’s boxy design and large windows. Even so, parking sensors and a reversing camera are available.

VW Up interior

Regardless of which trim you go for, driver’s seat height adjustment comes fitted as standard on the Up. Sadly, reach adjustment isn’t available (even as an option) meaning some drivers may find it tricky to get completely comfy. Also, for a car that may be driven enthusiastically from time to time, the seats lack lateral support.


Take Up cars come with a 3.1-inch monochrome infotainment screen, while Move Up versions onwards upgrade to a 5.0-inch colour screen.

Neither are touchscreen, and you will have to fork out for the High Up spec to get the Smartphone navigation interface and cradle, that allows the driver to use their phone as a built in sat-nav via a Volkswagen App.

It’s a fiddly system, however, so a Parkers top tip would be to still use the handy cradle, but stick to a navigation phone app that you’re happy with. Alternatively, buy a suction mount phone cradle and use the USB or Bluetooth connectivity to play music and make hands-free phone calls.

  • Surprisingly good ride quality…
  • …especially if you stick to the smaller wheels
  • Impressive refinement 

VW Up comfort

The Up continues its grown-up feel with a well-judge ride that feels neither too firm nor too soft over all road surfaces. You’re best sticking to the smaller 14- or 15-inch wheels – anything larger has a habit of crashing over large bumps – but overall the general comfort levels are among the best in class.

VW Up seats

Road and wind noise are subdued for a car of this size, and while the engine is noisy when revved (E-Up excluded) it settles down nicely when cruising. The seats are comfy and boast good longitudinal support, even if drivers with a smaller frame may long for larger side bolsters.

VW Up GTI comfort

Boasting lower suspension, larger wheels and an all-round sportier set-up the Up GTI has a noticeably firmer ride than regular versions. It’s not excessive, though, and is well suited to darting around city streets or flying down bumpy British country roads.

Just watch out for potholes, where the 17-inch alloy wheels transmit much of the shock into the cabin – not to mention their susceptibility to kerbing.