Parkers overall rating: 3 out of 5 3.0

It's easy to get comfortable, thanks to a height-adjustable seat and steering wheel; electric seats are optional. Leather seats have a good quality hide and are available in a variety of colours. Like all modern Volvos, the interior is clear and the controls easy to use. Some of the switchgear is beginning to look a little dates, though, especially when compared to the latest S40.

Good all-round visibility.

The electric roof is good quality, fits superbly to the body is well engineered. It's a pleasure to watch it opening and closing, with precisely timed movements. The seats are excellent - comfortable over long distances and very supportive. Adequate rear legroom, but getting into the back can be quite tight. Interior looks classy, with quality materials used throughout.

At speed, the C70 shows off why it's a refined cruiser. Even at 70mph, the driver barely needs to raise their voice, although there is some buffeting from the rear.