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Volvo V40 Cross Country interior, tech and comfort

2013 - 2019 (change model)
Comfort rating: 5 out of 55.0

Written by Parkers Published: 6 June 2019 Updated: 6 June 2019

The Cross Country closely resembles the standard V40. The interior is much the same, however, because it is of a high standard. The central console and switchgear are all made from high quality materials while the dash is soft to touch. The interior feels robust and is ideal for families.

Volvo V40 Cross Country comfort levels are excellent. Road, tyre and wind noise are minimal while the both petrol and diesel engines are incredibly refined. The cabin is first class while visibility is decent because of the 40mm increase in ride-height.

Volvo makes some of the most comfortable seats in the industry and the V40 Cross Country is no different. Bolstering for your back is perfect while the sides have enough support to keep you hemmed in when driving enthusiastically.

Thanks to the enhanced radar-based Blind Spot Information System, you will always be aware of traffic overtaking on either side of the car. The latest variation also monitors and alerts the driver to rapidly approaching vehicles up to 70 metres behind the car. LED indicators located in each A-pillar warn the driver of danger.