Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

Thanks to good quality soft-touch materials, the interior has a suitably upmarket feel. The buttons for the sound system, sat nav and climate control look beautifully crafted – like you’d expect to see on an expensive stereo – and housed on a slim centre console panel that looks like it’s floating. Volvo seats are exemplary – supportive, comfortable and up to the job of long distances, while the driver has plenty of adjustment available to find a perfect driving position.

It’s a wider car than the old V40, which it replaced, so there’s much more shoulder room than before. Legroom is good for all passengers, and three adults can realistically be seated in the back. Wind and road noise are kept well under control, making the V50 a comfortable car to cover long distances in. The materials used inside the cabin are high quality and models at the top of the range get sumptuous leather upholstery.

The V50 comfort rating is high as a result.