Volvo V60: Settling in

  • Estate settling in as a great long distance cruiser
  • Automatic gearbox has an Achilles heel
  • Boot space is proving acceptable not exceptional

The Volvo V60 is quickly proving itself as the ideal way to hoover up miles.

It’s clear the automatic (or Geartronic as Volvo likes to call it) gearbox  is best suited to acceleration that is steady and progressive or sustained cruising.

Volvo V60 interior

Coming on and off the throttle, hesitating when going for a gap in the traffic for example, only seems to confuse the automatic box. It’s more annoying than a major problem though, it’s just other manufacturers automatics are less prone to it. 

Volvo V60 engine bay

Autumnal preparation

With autumn starting to get into full flow the V60 is starting to shine in other areas; the electrically heated front windscreen quickly deals with any condensation without having to resort full power on the climate control. 

The ending of summer time meant a need to change in the in-car clock, though finding where the control was to change this wasn’t entirely intuitive. 

A quick read through the owner’s manual revealed that it was to be found under Car Settings>Settings>Date and Time. That’s three menus to scroll through but the saving grace was a simple tick box for British Summer time, and once un-ticked the time read correctly. 

Final preparation was topping up the washer fluid. The on-board computer very helpfully told me the fluid bottle was empty but a diagram revealed where in the engine bay I would find it. A very neat touch.

Volvo V60 time setting control

Drive to Scotland

It’s 365 miles from my place to Dundee in Scotland and the distance to empty trip computer revealed a figure of 350 miles when I set off on such a trip the other week.

Given I was travelling up in the daytime, I knew I would avoid most of the rush hour traffic and the pinch points on the A1. 

I didn’t crawl up the A1 or sit at a steady 56mph to maximise fuel economy but I did drive into Dundee with over 25 miles to empty showing. The trip computer confirmed the V60’s best fuel consumption to date with an average of 47.1mpg.

Bar one mid-way stop the driver’s seat proved a comfortable place to spend several hours, leaving me feeling refreshed enough to enjoy an evening out in Dundee (I can recommend the restaurant at the Apex Hotel).

Volvo V60 boot

The trip back was made fully laden with the boot having to accommodate two lap top bags, two small suitcases, one large sports bag, a box of beer and five assorted soft bags. It did all go in but only just, which proves my theory this particular Volvo estate is more lifestyle than load-lugger. 


Miles: 3,162                  Economy: 46.2 (actual)