Volvo V60: Themes and graphics

  • Ability to select different driving themes dependent on mood
  • Neat, modern interface makes selecting chosen theme easy
  • Same applies to music with many connection options available  

Sometimes it is while sat in a traffic jam you get to find out just how good or otherwise a car is in terms of ownership.

That’s when you tend to notice how easy it is to switch radio station, access your own music or even set a new destination in the sat nav. And the Volvo also has another entertaining trick up its sleeve – you can select from three different driving themes.

Volvo V60 driving themes

Easy to select driving themes

A press of the button on the left-hand indicator stalk presents a menu to display inside the main speedo dial.

‘Themes’ is the first on the menu (you can scroll through for other items using the knurled knob) and a press of the button selects the theme, of which there are three to choose from.

Volvo V60 driving themes

Choice of themes

Firstly there is the Eco theme. The accentuating colour is light green (calming) and to the left of the speedo an Eco scale is presented with a bar and a needle.

As the throttle is depressed the bar drops and as you lift your right foot it rises. The arrow needle indicates your average on the scale.

It provides a graphic way to see whether your driving is pleasing Mother Earth or you're directly contributing to global warming.

Volvo V60 Eco driving theme

No average mpg or percentage reduction in emissions, and no congratulation messages on driving frugally.

Elegance marks itself as a theme with a deep blue. You just get a temperature guage with that one to the left of the speedo but I find the deep blue a pleasing and restful colour.

Sport is the most entertaining. It goes red big time and the speedo is replaced by a rev counter dial. A digital readout reveals the speed. This is the most useful of the modes but I tend to stick to Elegance mode.

Volvo V60 Sport driving theme

Digital sign off

And if that has filled you with enough digital delight then the V60 delivers another graphic trick when you turn the ignition off. The R Design logo appears then disappears before your very eyes on the central screen.

Is any of this essential or particularly useful? Not really but it does add to the fun factor and provides more of a sense of a modern, premium car. That’s no bad thing.

Volvo V60 R Dersign interior graphic




Mileage: 8,432 miles     Economy: 43.2mpg