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Volvo XC90 Estate verdict

2002 - 2014 (change model)
Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 54.0

Written by David Ross Published: 26 September 2023 Updated: 26 September 2023

You should buy a Volvo XC90 Mk1?

You should choose carefully, rather than rush into purchasing the first example you see, but the original Volvo XC90 was an excellent car when new and remains a sound used choice as well. The very earliest models are perhaps best avoided, due to their age and the way that build quality improved over time, but as long as you’re mindful of the common faults there’s not too much to worry about here.

Do, however, remember to take into account the running costs. This is a big, heavy car from a premium brand – so the XC90 can be hard on brakes and tyres (and deserves to be treated to good quality instances of both) and servicing won’t be the cheapest. There are plenty of specialists around to see you right and an enthusiastic following that will be ready with help and advice on forums and social media. So yes, you should buy one of these. Sensibly.