What is Virtual Cockpit?

  • How does Virtual Cockpit work?
  • Do you need it on your car?
  • Parkers explains the tech

Audi’s Virtual Cockpit is a digital screen that replaces the analogue speedometer and rev counter with digital dials. There is also space for sat-nav, music or telephone information to be displayed. 

How does Virtual Cockpit work?

It uses a 12.3-inch screen nestled in the dashboard, controlled by a dial and left/right buttons housed on the steering wheel.

Using these you can select between the trip computer, radio/media info, a telephone screen and a large sat-nav display. The rev counter and speedometer are always there, but can be made smaller or larger depending on preference.

Audi’s S and RS cars feature a larger central rev counter with shift lights, and smaller auxiliary displays such as tyre temperature and a g-meter (measures g-forces on the car when driving).

Do I need it?

It doesn’t really do anything that you can’t do with standard dials, other than allowing you to display turn-by-turn sat-nav instructions on the Virtual Cockpit screen, and a trip overview on the main central screen.

You don’t really need it, but it is a rather cool gadget to have nonetheless… 

Found on

A wide range of Audis including the A3, A4 and TT.

Similar to

Volkswagen’s Active Info Display, found in the Passat and Tiguan, and the Mercedes-Benz Comand Digital Instrument Panel on the E– and S-Class.

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