Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

Here is where the Audi obliterates the rest of the premium small hatch class. Nothing feels better made, or built. The attention to detail is also far superior to anything else at this money. Although, that said, a MINI’s interior is still ultimately more fun than the Audi’s wall-to-wall expensive-feeling soft touch plastic.

We worry about the new A1’s ride. So far we’ve only driven it on smoothly surfaced roads where it feels stiffly sprung. Things get worse if you opt for bigger wheels, with the ride getting decidedly busy on the 17-inchers. If Audi A1 comfort is high on your list of priorities make sure you try before you buy. What we can say is the A1 is a far more comfortable place to spend time compared to the MINI, however.

There’s less road and wind noise and two adults can squeeze into the rear seats.