Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

Just as you'd expect from an Audi convertible, the A4 cabin is a great to be in. It's a sophisticated cabin - the buttons and switches are in all the right places and are pleasing to use while the soft touch dash and circular air vents add to the premium feel. Finding a comfortable driving position is easy, as there's plenty of adjustment in both the seat and steering wheel.

Forward visibility is generally good, although thick windscreen pillars can block the view a little when pulling out of junctions. Rear visibility is restricted by the roof, although this obviously isn't a problem when it's down.

The fabric roof is fully automatic and drops in 21 seconds. This isn't particularly quick but you can at least operate it at up to speeds of 20mph. At speed it's almost as quiet and comfortable as the saloon, although there is a little rustling from around the windscreen pillars. It should be toasty in colder weather, too, as Audi has made the roof 'winterproof' with three layers of insulating fabric and a scratch-resistant rear screen.

With the roof down, there's a lot of wind noise, but it's refined enough to have a conversation at motorway speeds. The wind deflector improves this, but it does take the rear seats out of action. Rear legroom is similar to that of rivals - in other words cramped.