Audi A5 Coupe: The journey home

  • We take the Audi A5 Coupe to Lincolnshire
  • Distictive looks help turn many heads
  • Relaxed and comfortable ride gets thumbs-up

Don’t get me wrong, moving out of my home town was one of the best things I ever did. Getting away from the ‘small town’ mentality when everyone knows everybody’s business is something I could never quite get used to.

That said, nothing quite beats a trip back to see friends and family and visit old haunts from your childhood.

In our line of work, we can become quite used to driving different cars all the time, but for my friends and family it’s still quite a novelty to see what I’m driving when I come to visit. So it's always good to have a nice set of wheels on show to impress.

On this visit I was glad to get hold of the keys to our Audi A5 coupe long-termer. Its sleek curvaceous lines, distinctive lights and bright red paintwork make it a proper head-turner.   

We’ve already alluded to in previous reports that the boot is deceptively big and that there are plenty of storage options for drinks and personal items while on the move. Fitting in mine and my partner's bags (even though we’d packed enough for a two-week holiday) was an easy job.

I always enjoy the drive home. The journey is a good mix of dual carriage way, country roads and town driving. The A5 Coupe is very comfortable for me on long journeys too; a few colleagues have occasionally complained about the pedals being off-centre - which they are of course - but it’s never bothered me.  

Even without Audi’s excellent Quattro four-wheel drive system there’s plenty of grip available, and the suspension does a good job of soaking up the potholes and bumps which practically litter the B-roads on our journey. Our car comes in SE trim, but move up to S line and you get a sportier suspension which in our experience has a detrimental effect on the ride comfort of this car.

The seats are large and comfortable and the rear seats, although lacking headroom for most adults (apart from me as I’m 5ft 1 inches), should provide enough room for young teenagers.

The steering is pretty well-weighted too. Opt for Dynamic mode through the Driver select system and it gets heavier, while also sharpening up the throttle response - ideal for the country lanes of my journey. The comfort setting suits motorway travel perfectly, too.

We’ve talked a lot about how the 2-litre TDI Ultra engine fitted to our long-termer is something of an economy hero, producing impressive MPG when we put our eco driving skills to the test, but it’s also pretty quick too.

There is 161bhp and 400Nm of torque at your disposal so you can overtake with confidence, which is a good thing as the first thing that happens when you enter Lincolnshire is you inevitably end up behind a tractor.

The engine is smooth and refined and there’s little road and wind noise intruding the cabin - not that I would really notice on this occasion as our test car is fitted with a Bang & Olufsen sound system. This delivers excellent sound quality, and it was my turn to choose the music on this journey, to my delight and my partner's horror.

Miles: 3,447

Fuel Economy: 53.6mpg