Audi A5 Coupe: Winter ready

  • Our long-term Audi A5 comes well-equipped for winter
  • The team agrees it has the fastest heated seats on our fleet
  • Heated windscreen means you have no need for an ice scraper

There's a lot to love about winter: building snowmen, January sales, valentines and of course everyone loves Christmas - even if some people pretend otherwise.

But many of us are not fans of the colder weather that comes hand-in-hand with this time of year, especially those chilly mornings spent outside de-icing your car with freezing cold fingers.

Fortunately for me our long-term Audi A5 Coupe has quite a few tricks up its sleeve for helping to make the winter months that little bit more bearable.

When your windscreen is iced over in the A5, you can forget the de-icer and ice-scraper. You don't even need to worry about getting out of the car at all thanks to its heated front and rear windscreens. 

It takes just a matter of minutes to clear even the thickest of ice so by the time you've finished listening to your favourite song, you're ready to hit the road.

Our long-termer also has heated door mirrors fitted as standard, which is something else you don't need to worry about spraying or scraping. 

Getting warm inside the car doesn’t take too long either thanks to the standard heated seats on our test car which, according to one of my colleagues, are the fastest they have ever come across. There are three individual settings so if you do start to feel a little too toasty, you can turn them down to suit.

Although the heated seats are just for those in the front, because of the car's compact interior and sloping roofline, heat travels well around the car and it doesn’t take long to warm up.

The standard dual-zone climate control is a welcomed feature, especially if your friends and family feel the chill more than you do and insist on having the air-con set at 28 degrees. 

There are only a couple of niggles overall. One is that if the windows are frozen then you cannot always close the doors straight away because the glass needs time to defrost. Also, although I am a huge fan of the Brilliant Red paintwork, it’s proving a nightmare to keep clean this time of year.

One of our favourite features proving particuarly useful this time of year are the adaptive headlights. These excellent lights adjust to the road in front and cast their beam in the direction of the curve resulting in better visibility at night. They're particularly useful if your commute home involves some winding country lanes.

They're not cheap to add as an option though costing an extra £1,130 on our test car.

So overall our Audi A5 is helping to make winter much more bearable, although I'm not sure my popularity with the neighbours is improving as I sit smugly in the driver’s seat with the heated seats on full, watching my neighbours wrestle with an ice scraper in sub-zero temperatures.

Mileage: 2,274

Fuel Economy: 51.3mpg (calc)