Audi A5 Coupe: A fond farewell

  • It’s time to say goodbye to the Audi A5 Coupe
  • We take a look back over the past six months
  • The good and bad points highlighted

Sadly all good things must come to an end and we’ve reached the final curtain call for the Audi A5 coupe on the Parkers test fleet.

So, with a heavy heart (and my favourite pair of red shoes on to mark the occasion), it's time to take a look back over the past six months and relive the highs, and any lows, with the A5.

It seems like only yesterday I was handed the keys and was simultaneously bowled over by the car's sleek lines, swooping curves and striking red paintwork.

But the car was far from just a pretty face, it helped me remove rubbish and de-clutter my house during a splurge of redecorating and proved a comfortable companion on those long motorway trips too.

Fitted with a 2-litre diesel engine, new for 2015 and labelled ‘Ultra’, on paper the stats looked good and out on the road the car didn’t disappoint either. With 161bhp and 400Nm of power on offer, gaining speed was no problem at all and the engine proved smooth and refined. 

Although we ended up averaging nowhere close to the official figure of 67.3mpg over the 5,000 miles (52mpg), when we did manage to put on our “eco” heads we achieved 62.7mpg over a 70-mile journey - impressive stuff.

Company car drivers will be pretty pleased by the 109g/km of CO2 too meaning just a 19 percent BIK tax band for the current 2015/16 tax year.

The price, if you discount some of the costly options fitted to our test car (check out our previous report for a full breakdown), is reasonable too. As standard the A5 Coupe Ultra car costs just over £30,000.

It's in the interior where you'll notice its quality most, the materials used throughout are excellent and every switch and button has an exceptional finish. 

Another highlight from the six months has been the upgraded Bang & Olufsen sound system which delivered perfect sound quality even when playing music from The Prodigy.

During the early days of our test we were able to see how well our A5 coped with colder weather and thanks to the standard heated seats and heated windscreen, getting warm in sub-zero temperatures thankfully proved easy. The only niggle was that if the side glass was frozen on the frameless doors you couldn't always close them as they needed to drop electrically when doing so.  

Although the A5 is not the most practical, it satisfied every task thrown at like the weekly shop or weekends away and when we put our car head-to head with the A4, we found it to be surprisingly close in luggage space with 455 litres compared to the A4’s 480 litres.

Rear headroom is a big problem though and even my 12 year old stepdaughter struggled. If you're over five-foot you'll hit your head on the roof of the car everytime its driven over a speed bump or pothole.

For me, the A5 proved close to faultless during it’s time with us, there are only a few drawbacks which mainly come at the rear passengers expense, but it did nothing to dampen my enthusiasm for the car.

Here are our highlights.

The good

  • Interior quality is exceptional
  • Automatic boot opening is very useful
  • Upgraded sound system delivers excellent sound quality
  • Striking red paintwork is guaranteed to turn heads
  • Heated seats are some of the quickest around (according to my colleagues)
  • Comfortable and smooth drive

The bad

  • Lack of head and legroom in the rear
  • Not the easiest to manoeuvre around town
  • Some options are very pricey (technology package and adaptive lights especially)
  • Small boot opening

Mileage: 5,066                      Fuel economy: 52mpg