Audi A5 Coupe: Practically Speaking

  • We put the A5 Coupe's practicality to the test
  • Boot is bigger than you think
  • Useful features make a difference

Very few people will look at the A5 Coupe and think “load-lugger” but don’t let appearances fool you - the A5 Coupe is more practical than you think.

My partner and I have been redecorating the majority of the upstairs of our three-bed semi-detached house recently, so were in need of a car for the weekend capable of carrying out old furniture and rubbish to our local tip.

Although we have plenty of practical options in the Parkers fleet which would probably be more suitable, I was keen to see how the A5 Coupe coped in the practicality stakes.

Our long termer has 455 litres of space with the rear seats in place which is easily big enough for two suitcases and the monthly grocery shop. Fold them down and space expands to 829 litres, which although isn’t as big as most estate cars and some hatchbacks, should prove useful enough for DIY jobs. 

Collapsing the rear seats is an easy operation but it does involve scrambling into the back of the car to do it. It’s probably one of the few times I’ve wished that the A5 Coupe had five doors.

One of our favourite features is the automatic boot opening which can be operated either via the key fob or a switch in the driver door, it makes loading much easier, especially when you’re laden with bags. Or in this case Carpet offcuts.

The boot opening is a little on the small side though and the loading lip could be lower, which can make filling items into the space slightly more difficult. I found myself having to go into the back of the car to pull bags through.  

With the seats down, the A5 managed to squeeze in (just) everything we needed to take to the tip. In the boot there are a couple of hooks too which means you can more securely load certain items, stopping them from rolling around.

In terms of storage space around the cabin, there are lots of options, particularly for those in the front. The cupholders are not actually big enough to house two cups if you're stopping for a Coffee break on your journey, which is disappointing. However, the door-pockets are ideal for storing bottles and there’s also a useful cubbie for storing your mobile phone.

We’ve seen in previous updates how comfortable and economical the A5 Coupe is, and although other cars would have coped better, we’ve been impressed with its practicality credentials.

Mileage: 3,202

Fuel Economy: 53.6mpg (calc)