Audi A5 Coupe: No room for error

  • We take a closer look at the safety kit on our A5 Coupe long-termer
  • Sat-nav and reversing camera are the stars of the show
  • After five months on test the A5 continues to impress

Technology today is pretty staggering. Cars can now park themselves, stop to prevent an accident and even adapt your speed and steering to keep a good distance from the car in front.

When you think about how far cars have come from as little as five years ago, it’s seriously impressive.

Parking is one of the trickier manoeuvres we need to perform day-to-day when behind the wheel and some of us - myself included - are not big fans of doing it. My achilles heel is parallel parking - I’ve never been that good at it.  

The good news is that our Audi A5 Coupe long-termer comes with a variety of systems and driving aids to help squeeze into those tight spaces. Here we take a closer look at our favourite features.

As standard in SE trim our A5 Coupe comes with parking sensors, automatic lights and wipers and cruise control. All three of these features help make life easier behind the wheel and when it comes to parking the sensors help safeguard you from causing bumps and scratches that can occur in your local carpark. Unfortunately it doesn’t come with a force field to protect you from other cars, though.

The front and rear parking sensors offer plenty of warning when you’re reversing thanks to the ultrasonic sensors concealed in the bumpers of the car and the clear loud beeps are not too overzealous either, unlike some cars we’ve tested.

As an option we also get an advanced parking system which includes a reversing camera for £340. I’m a big fan of the camera, made easier to view thanks to the centre console’s well positioned seven-inch display screen.

So parking is a doddle, and the sat-nav has impressed during the past five months too offering clear and easy to follow instructions and adapting quickly to changing routes.

It also comes with a couple of extra really useful features like a full postcode look-up, which you don’t realise how much you miss until it’s gone and if you’re running low on fuel. The sat-nav offers to navigate you to the nearest fuel station too - ideal if you’re not familiar with the area.

Another option on our long term A5 Coupe is Side Assist, a blind spot monitoring system which will flash up a warning light by the wing mirror if it’s not safe to pull out of lane. This costs an extra £440 which is a small price to pay for something that could save your life one day.

We’ve talked a lot in previous reports about how easy the A5 Coupe is to drive and how comfortable the car is over longer journeys, but thanks to these systems, the car can do a great deal more just by a flick of a switch or press of a button.

One other optional feature which is worth a mention is the adaptive headlights. Although expensive at £1,130, these clever lights automatically adjust and turn when cornering, at crossroads and at junctions, making it easier to see ahead when driving in the dark.

The only thing missing from our test car which we would consider investing in is high beam assist which costs £110 to add as an option and automatically raises or dips the main beam headlights at night when there is no oncoming traffic to give you a better vision of the road ahead. If you’re struggling to justify paying for the adaptive headlights then we’d strongly recommend the high beam system in its place.  

Mileage: 4,131

Fuel economy:  52mpg (calc)