Audi A5 Coupe: Options, options, options

  • We take a closer look at our long termer's fitted options
  • Total cost of options is £6,750
  • Which are worth your hard earned cash?

Most cars today come with pretty extensive standard equipment lists and our Audi A5 long termer is no exception.

Despite being in entry-level SE trim, our A5 comes with mod cons like DAB Radio, three-zone air-con, cruise control, rear parking sensors and Bluetooth.

But one thing we can’t resist a look at when speccing up our latest addition to the Parkers fleet is the options list and we’ve added plenty here - in fact there’s £6,750 worth.

The most expensive option on our A5 Coupe is the Technology Package which costs an eye-watering £1,695, it includes sat-nav, front parking sensors and the Audi Music Interface which allows connection with smartphones and MP3 devices.

Although a pretty pricey option, we’ve found the sat-nav on test to be excellent, plus it uses a seven-digit postcode look-up which is incredibly useful if you find yourself travelling to unknown locations often.

We've talked a lot in previous reports about how much we rate the upgraded Bang and Olufsen sound system which offered impressively clear sound quality even on songs from the Prodigy and David Guetta and is well worth the £535 premium. 

The electronically adjustable front seats are another perk which we enjoyed, they make it much easier to find an ideal seating position and cost £795, on test I found that my friends and family were particularly big fans of these.  

Comfort levels have seriously impressed while on test with us too and we’ve enjoyed both the relaxing motorway cruises and the more involved drives down the country lanes thanks to the Audi Drive Select and Damper Control options on our test car. Audi Drive Select allows you to choose from five different driving modes which alters the car's throttle response and handling depending on the mode you’ve chosen. This option only costs £220 and is a worthwhile investment if you're planning to travel a lot of miles each year. 

Also fitted to our test car is Damper Control which fine-tunes the suspension settings according to road conditions and driver needs and costs an extra £680.

Another option we talked about in a previous report is the reversing camera on our test car which costs just £340 - considering a huge proportion of accidents occur in the car park, the small outlay for this system could save you a lot in avoided costly repair bills during the years you have with the car.

A blind spot monitoring system flashes up a warning light by the wing mirror if it’s not safe to pull out of lane. This costs an extra £440 which is a small price to pay for something that could save your life one day - you'll need to be a regular motorway traveller to get the full benefit of this system though.

Adaptive headlights are another pricey option and they cost £1,130 to include, these clever lights adapt to the moving road and are useful especially at night if you’re travelling down a winding country road. 

Audi’s leather/Alcantara Sports seats are comfortable and cost a reasonable £410, if you want cloth headlining like on our test car which adds a little extra pizzazz to the seats, it’ll cost you an extra £205 though.

When we first took delivery of the car we were really surprised to find that the striking Brilliant Red paintwork cost nothing to choose, the privacy glass on our test car helps give it an even sportier look and costs £330 to add as an option though.

So that completes the options list.

If we were to spec up the A5 Coupe again we would definitely go for the reversing camera and the Audi Drive Select system, if you like your music as much as we do then we would definitely recommend the Bang & Olufsen sound system too. The Alcantara and leather seats are pretty reasonably priced so we’d consider them and the blind spot monitoring system is worth a look too.

You've got to travel a lot of miles, especially at night, to justify the Adaptive Headlights and although I can barely get to the local shops without a sat-nav, it becomes pretty difficult to recommend when the pack costs £1,695, especially as from September BMW will offer sat-nav as standard across the whole range.

Mileage: 4,560

Fuel economy: 51.5mpg (calc)